Dear members of the General Assembly of the United Nations,
Dear members of the institutions attached to the United Nations,

This 25th August is the World Day for the End of Speciesism. The notion of speciesism can be
understood by analogy with racism or sexism; speciesism tends to place animals outside the range of
moral consideration. It is an ideology that considers the lives and interests of animals as not worthy of
respect simply because they belong to another species. Since humans are not the only beings who feel
emotions and who have an interest in living the longest and happiest life, a large number of philosophers
have arrived at the conclusion that speciesism is wrong and that we must move towards a society that
respects the lives and interests of all sentient beings. Furthermore, the majority of the population
understands that we have to take care of the interests of animals. Nevertheless this concern for the
animals isn’t seen yet in the political institutions and this has to change.

We are all sentient beings living on the same planet. At this time of ecological crisis it is important to
recognise that humans share the planet with other inhabitants who are also capable of feeling emotions
and worthy of respect. Moreover, the common morality of all civilized societies is that we cannot inflict
violence upon other beings simply because they are different. That is why the inclusion of animals in the
sphere of political concern is an emergency.

In our societies, all think that it is wrong to kill animals unnecessarily. Unfortunately, because of old
dietary traditions, 64 billion land animals are killed every year and some 1000 billion aquatic animals die
from suffocation in fishing nets every year. However, millions of vegans in the world show that this can
be avoided and that we can have a plant-based diet respecting the lives of the animals. Therefore, logic
pushes us to move towards a plant-based dietary culture. Many studies show that a plant-based society is
also more beneficial to the health of humans and also the environment, since animal agriculture is the
practice that contributes the most to climate change. The efforts of political institutions to promote
animal free agriculture and a society based on plant-based food are therefore necessary.

Given all the above, we request from you the following actions :
– promotion of animal free agriculture as well as the end of subsidies given to animal agriculture ;
– encouragement for the implantation of national and international campaigns raising awareness about
the importance of plant-based food and the respect due for the life of animals ;
– inclusion of concern about animals in all your decision-making.

These efforts will help us to move towards a society that is not based on violence regarding our relation
to animals and that is associated with a healthy future for us and all the other sentient beings with whom
we share our planet.

Thanking you for your attention and the measures that will be taken to meet our requests, we ask you to
accept, Dear members of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Dear members of the institutions
attached to the United Nations, the assurances of our highest consideration.

Pia Shazar, President of the NGO