On 2/11, an (one more) occupatied building in Athens was evacuated. Non-human animals, in particular 2 dogs and 4 cats, were living in the occupation.
During the evacuation and despite the information given to the cops and the municipality about the existence of these animals in the area and the danger if the doors would open which would cause dogs and cats of being found in the same area, the doors opened without caution and as a result 1 of the 4 kittens got killed.
The two dogs were taken out of the building while the three cats were trapped inside.
Despite of all the pressures, all possible entrances and exits of the building remained sealed, with the 3 cats inside having only little food in the beginning.
As the pressures continued, the building opened on 9/11 for 1,5 hour during which ONLY ONE cat was found while the other two could not be found.
This was because the time given was limited for three cats to be found in such a large space, and no person familiar to the cats was allowed to enter the building.
After that, the building was sealed again!

Even to this day, although there has been a great deal of reaction from wider social groups and animal organizations, the municipility and police station always find excuses not to facilitate the rescue of the 2 cats.

On 14/11 a woman started a hunger strike until the cats get liberated (if they are still alive…). One hour later, the police destroyed their banner (as seen at the photo on the right) and took her along with the 2 supporters, at the station. After an ID verification, they let them go but they told them not to go back there. The women asnwered that they are not doing anything wrong and they went back.
By now, policemen often bully the striker and the supporters as well as they make fun of the leaflets they are sharing to people who are passing by.
If you are in Athens, please go and support the hunger strike.
If you know any journalists who work for international media, please ask them to write about it.