Elisabeth Dimitras – Co-Founder

I was born in Athens in 1986, I graduated AT the French – Greek school Eugène Delacroix, I obtain a BSc IN Mathematics from the University of Athens and a MSc on Biodiversity Conservation from the Universities of the Aegean (Marine Sciences & Environment in Lesvos) and Montpellier 2. My specialist thesis was on the use of crossing structures by bears and other mammals in Northern Western Greece.

I have worked as a (volunteer) animal carer in many environmental organizations across Greece (with marine turtles, seals, wild birds etc) and in a sanctuary abroad (with monkeys & small mammals) through the EVS project. In addition, I have given presentations about recycling in schools within the Attica region.

IN 2015 after creating a group on Facebook, through which people from the international community had access on information about the voiceless victims of the war in Syria, the animals, plus supporting volunteering projects in Damascus, I decided to get involved in the humanitarian sector working as a volunteer for 5 months in Lesvos and Athens in order to help during the refugee crisis. This experience gave me the opportunity after a year to work for an International Humanitarian Organization as camp co-ordinator in a refugee camp in Attica. This however wasn’t fruitful and didn’t last for ethical reasons.

Ι am an ambassador of Happycow.net since 2016 and the co – producer / project manager of the TV Spot PROMO against dolphins’ captivity “Free your friend”.

I have 2 personal blogs, one in Greek and one in English, through which I try to raise awareness in regards to respect towards all sentient beings, regardless the species, the sex, the origins and the sexual orientation and of course towards the environment.
I am dreaming of a world in which people will not be selectively empathetic and activists who fight against racism and sexism will be fighting against speciesism with the same passion.

Elli Stourna – Co-Founder

I was born in Athens in 1993. I graduated AT the French-Greek school Eugène Delacroix and later on I studied History and Philosophy of Science at the Kapodistrian University of Athens. IN September 2017 I started a postgraduate course in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology at the same department. I also work on animal ethics and more broadly on issues related to human behaviour towards other animals and its effects on society, the environment and the human psychology.

For several years now I have also done voluntary work for many animal, environmental and human rights organizations. Indicatively, I supported actions by the Greek Ornithological Society, Psych-animal, and Positive Voice. At the same time with my fellow students I created a university animal group aiming at the sterilization and care of the animals living in the area of the campus.

In addition, I actively participate in actions against the fur industry, co-organizing protests against the International Fair of Furs together with other people who fought for the animals. Through this engagement, my personal blog was also released, which aimed at informing the Greek-speaking public about the conditions of production of fur garments and, more broadly, materials derived from animal husbandry.
In 2015 I became a founding member of the Vegan Greek Union, through which, and with the support of the people I met there, I managed to become a vegan (until then I was just vegetarian).

Last year I became an ambassador for happycow.net in Athens. Finally, I am in the organizing team of the Vegan Life Festival, the first vegan festival in our country, which aims to organize events and festivals for the promotion of veganism in Greece and beyond.

Anastasia Chaves de Lima – Outreacher

Ι was born in Athens in 1976 where  I studied Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens and I have an MSc on Dry cargo Chartering. Since 2004 I have worked in the shipping industry at the Department of Operations and Post Fixture.

In addition, I am a Certified Pilates Instructor, a professional dancer of Brazilian samba & oriental dance and a marathon runner. With my husband, Rodrigo, we own a pilates, yoga, capoeira and dance school in Holargos, Athens. I am a dedicated activist for the animal rights and my goal is to spread the vegan message around the world. 

Ariadni Gergeraki – Translator

I was born in 1994 in Athens, where I still live to this day, apart from a short period of time I spent in Italy. I am a graduate of Scuola Italiana di Atene and I studied History and Archaeology at the University of Athens. Meanwhile, I work as a volunteer at “Child’s Smile”, in the sector of care and creative activity for children that are on temporary stay at the hospital for social reasons, usually after the court removed them from their birth families. Disappointed by the actions of many animal welfare organisations I have contacted, I now try to feed and take care of the stray animals in my neighbourhood on my own. Also, I have recently started trying to adapt to the zero-waste way of life, with all the help and advice I can get by people that already practice it.

Fani Karasmanis – Author

I was born in Thessaloniki, where I graduated from the Department of Chemistry of the Aristotle University. After the unexpected loss of loved ones – and driven by an inner need to make sense out of these experiences – I was led to the Medical School of the University of Thessaly where I acquired my Masters Degree, with a specialization in therapeutic nutrition and its effects on human health. However, the medical establishment, the crisis of moral values and humanitarian principles, the obsolete and one-sided approach to human health from a science that was meant to be predominantly humanistic, made it clear to me that my vision of being of service to mankind would not continue through the field of medicine.. I now work with perseverance and dedication for the cultivation and the teaching of universal human values that promote our moral and spiritual well-being, at a time plagued from moral discouragement, from the absence of ideals, from nihilism and indifference.
My priority is the education of children, upon whom our future is being built every moment; to instill in them, in a cooperative and non-oppressive manner, the self-confidence, values and virtues of justice, truth, freedom, empathy and respect for themselves and by extension for all the living beings of the planet that hosts us.

Tina Petritsopoulou – Translator

I was born in Athens. I am a graduate of the Greek Productivity Center in Software Engineering and I have a teaching certificate of the English language. My artistic pursuits led me later to complete studies in Fashion Design. All the above happened while I was working since young age as Personal & Executive Assistant in the insurance sector thus I gained a significant year-long working experience developing important soft skills.

Since 2015 I do translations for activist purposes and since then I have collaborated with Greek Activist Organizations for Animals Rights (and not only) as well as with activists from abroad translating their speeches, informative videos, scientific articles, and more.

Since 2015 also, I have dedicated an important part of my life in more drastic activism participating in groups and actions in order to inform and raise public awareness for the animal exploitation and abuse in all levels. Believing that the way we perceive, treat and interact with the most weak and vulnerable is of vital importance for a different world of empathy and the actualization of a today’s utopia, where no one will suffer and what we experience today will just be a vague reminder of our shameful past.

Ariana Andreopoulou – Translator, Outreacher & Projects coordinator

I was born in Athens in 1988.
In 2010 I moved to Italy where I lived for 7 years.
I went vegan in October 2015 and I started volunteering for Animal Equality Italia in their department in Milan for 2 years.
I realised that only changing my diet wasn’t enough so I started promoting a more ethical way of living.

Just before I moved back to Athens I joined Anonymous For The Voiceless in Milan and I started educating people about animal rights.
For a while I was a member of the same group that is active in Athens.

My purpose is to donate my time wherever it’s needed in order to promote Veganism and Anti-Speciesm.
Values that go together with fair trade and a zero waste lifestyle.

I dream of a world with equality and without explotation for human and non-human animals.