1 minute eye contact experiment

We live in a society, where we meet each other in person very rarely. Ηuman connection is under threat of extinction. Living a life in a virtual reality, we have forgotten how to come close to other people.


We decided to host the event in Athens, Greece as we believe in meaningful and deep human connection. The event had a great feedback as so many people queued, waiting for an empty spot to jump in and start having an eye contact with someone. This is showing how much everyone is in need of connection. Hopefully, whoever participated, after experiencing this, now invests more in their relationships instead of waiting for another special occasion in order to connect deeply with others.

Here you can see some photos of the event to get an idea:



The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2017 is an initiative of The Liberators International which took place the 23rd of September 2017 in more than 400 cities!

More info: www.eyecontactexperiment.com

Official coordinators of the event: www.theliberators.org &www.eyecontactexperiment.com

**This event (the specific in Athens) is organized in memory of an extraordinary human being that unfortunately left us soon after our paths crossed,at the age of only 42 years old. Tolulope flew all the way to Greece, from Canada, just to participate in a 3 days workshop that was taking place here. On his way back, he “left” us some of the stardust that his presence was always leaving when passing by… He was very touched and impressed by what the Liberators are doing and mostly he was impressed by another of their “experiments”, one which connects people through music and singing the song “Over the rainbow”. In regards to the eye contact experiment he had written:

“I think because we have lost the art of connection and we are more fear-driven than love-filled, we can easily interpret a sustained eye contact as invasive. I would welcome eye contact because I like connection but I think some people are not at a place yet where they can allow sustained eye contact without fear kicking in. There must be ways to do it that communicate love.”

So these ways are the ones we are going to find together the 23rd of September, in Syndagma square.
If you want to “get a taste” of his presence’s magic, you can watch this small interview of him here.

A message that we would like to pass through this post, given this opportunity is that peace does not only concern the human species but it concerns all kinds of animals. No one lives peacefully if their lifestyle supports unnecessary and brutal abuse & killing of billions of animals who wanted to live like us and who feel pain, joy, sorrow, love, friendship and fear.

Tom Regan, a philosopher & university professor, is a great example of a pacifist who realized that his daily choices were not consistent with the values ​​he was fighting about and thus he became vegan. From then onward and by the end of his life, he fought for the rights of all animals species, dreaming of a total animal liberation

We would like to thank the production teams YouUp, 1984 Cinematic Creations & Break the Couch who created this beautiful   video for us and like this Greece will be included in the international video for peace, that the liberators International will   create.