Vegan Directory

Clothing & Accessories

Made in Greece


Shoes & Bags

Calupi Handmade

Yuta Shoes


Underwear, socks and swimwear




Manufactured abroad


Solari Milano (Italian shoes)

Vegan Gini

Hurtig Lane (Spain – watch straps are made from recycled bottles and cotton fibres and cactus leather / recycled silver jewellery and vegan makeup brushes made from wood/bamboo)


Hippie Pants

Vegan Original


Save the Duck

15 vegan winter coats for men and women 


Nae shoes (Portugal)

Willby Vegan Bags & Accesories (UK)

Good guys (France)

Boirgeois Boheme (U.K)

Freerangers (U.K)

Vegetarian Shoes (U.K)

Will’s (U.K)

Eco Vegan Shoes (Holland)

Ethletic (Germany) – Fair Trade as well

Jackets, rainwear, eco/vegan furs & backpacks

Save the Duck 

13 Vegan Winter Coats for men and women


Sports Shoes:

innov-8 – Greek franchise company in Thessaloniki.

Useful link:

vegan8 – Website with information for sports shoes companies (material, συνθήκες work conditions).

Underwear & socks made in Greece


Cleaning Products


ECOS Earth Friendly


Talybe (Zero Waste as well at Συν Αλλοις – You give back the empty package and you buy a 2nd hand one in a better price, filled with the product)

Bio D

Egreeno – MADE IN GREECE / 3% of the profits go to the Greek orphanage in Tanzania (Τ.Ο.Μ). Soon available in bulk at Sillage store (You will be able to go with your own packages and fill them with the products)

Sonett @ Sillage (the disinfectant one you can refill it too)

Ecover (you can find them in Thanopoulos & AB supermarkets, maybe in more sm chains…)



Cosmetics & Personal Care Products


Useful links:

No harm charm (E-shop selling cruelty free cleaning products, cosmetics, antiseptics etc. The store is located in Nea Smyrni)

Sillage (E-shop selling crueltyfree cleaning products, cosmetics, perfumes, soaps and products for a zero waste lifestyle – certified by PETA – Store located in Chalandri)

Living Cruelty Free (Greek e-shop with vegan & cruelty-free products).

Organic Brands ( Greek e-shop with vegan & cruelty-free choices).

Upaya Naturals (Canadian e-shop delivering in Greece as well vegan raw food & kitchen equipment)


Vegan / Plant Based illustrated cards


Cosmetics, personal care & make – up brands (The following companies obtain certifications which assure that their products are not tested on animals – When we say “Not all products are vegan”, it means that even though they are not tested on animals, they may contain honey or milk for example):

Hera organics

Dolma – Perfumes

Yfantia Terra

Beauty without cruelty


Original Source


Zao – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan.

Utekram – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan.

W7 – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan..Choose for their products named Very Vegan.

Logona – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan.

Too faced – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan.  Check for their vegan products HERE.

Avalon Organics – ATTENTION. Their lip balms aren’t vegan.

Desert Essence – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan.

Dr. Organic – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan.

Faith in Nature – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan. You will soon be able to buy them in bulk at Sillage store in Chalandri, if you go get them with your own packages.

Sante – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan.

Jane Iredale – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan.

Kat Von D – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan. Check for their vegan products HERE.

Lush – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan.

Jason – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan.

Lavera – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan.

Benecos – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan.

Molton Brown – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan.

Neal’s Yard Remedies – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan.

Nature’s gate – ATTENTION: Not all products are vegan.


Make – up & Hair brushes:

Eco tools


Hair dye


Manic Panic


Condoms and Lubricants (Common products contain casein or / and have been tested on animals):

Glyde – Fair trade and from sustainable rubber trees cultivations .

Sustain natural – Fair trade.

Sir Richard’s

Einhorn – A % of their income goes to support humanitarian and environmental projects

L. – For each product purchased there is a donation of a product to girls in 3rd world countries.

Fair Suared – Fair trade (the company has also more care products).

Organic Loven

Green condoms


Live native – Lubricant (the company has also more care products)


Vegan menstrual cups 




Ruby Cup

Fair Squared


Grocery stores

They all have eshop as well

Athens, Bamboo Vegan

Larisa, Vegan Way

Just Vegan (Kalamata)


Useful online Shops:

Boutique Vegan

Vegan Proteins



(You can find the following products in almost all organic shops, at the vegan markets we mention above and a few of them in some conventional super markets as well)


Meat alternatives

Tempeh made in Greece


Vegetarian Butcher




Cheese alternatives

Viofree by Viotros

Viofast by Viotros

Green Vie


Kolios Fast – Yellow cheese (Beware, the white Kolios cheese is NOT vegan)

Delishu cashew cheese 


Milk & Yogurt alternatives

Koko Dairy free



Harvest Moon

(Now you can find plant based milk also in all supermarkets, as the Greek companies Olymbos, Delta & Vitam brands produce almond milk, tachini milk, walntus milk, pistachios milk etc)




Lord of Tofu






Honey alternatives



Maple Syrup

Carob Honey

Grape molasses “Petimezi”

Date Honey


Traditional Greek pastry food & other

Veganact foodsWhere to find them

Trofeas Vegan



Amstel, Heineken, Vergina, Fix, Alpha






Cruelty Free Dog Grooming 

The Barking Barber

Grooming Hood


Useful link:

Barnivore – Which booze is vegan




Vegan tattoo shops



Popey loves Olive

Age of love

Inksane tattoo and body piercing

Eightball Tattoo Studio

Dark Side Tattoo Society

Moth and Rose Tatoo

Kinky Tattoo Athens

Destiny Tattoo 



Line Tattoo


Sayagata Tattoo Studio


Hair dressers – Beauty Salons


Anna Hair salon Αthens center

Le Boudoir Kamatero kiourka Ag.Stefanos (Only for hair styling, they use among other products “Paul Mitchell” – cruelty free ones)

Sofia Hair Salon Athens center (Αmong others they use Paul Mitchell products and vegan hair colors)

Bill Duke hairplace Glyfada(Κemon, Gold, Malibu C products used for styling mainly and therapies but they also use vegan hair color for refle)

Unique Hair – Nails – Beauty Koropi (They use among others the products Paul Mitchell)

Teo Hair Salon Glyfada (They use the products Aveda – only nail polish is not cruelty free)


Joanna’s nails

Greenday Organic Beauty Salon

ΚTEIShair by DakisPap



Vegan – vegan friendly restaurants


Avit Cafe

    Chania (Crete) 




Vegan / Eco stay in Greece:

Meteora Vegan Fitness

Papercuts Home – Athens


Vegan health coaching services: 

IASIS Health Coaching