Ethos & Empathy is a not for profit initiative and its mission is to promote in Greece antispeciesism and ecology based on the idea that in order for our world to become a better place, people need to adopt a holistic approach in their life.

The vision is a society with people who are showing compassion to all individuals of all sentient beings, human and non human animals while showing respect to planet Earth as well.

This initiative also tries to remind us our inherent value, and the importance of rest. Like all other animals, the human being has the right to live according to the seasons, so to rest more during wintertime and be more active during summertime. Rest is a form of revolution against the system that wants us to be constantly tired and made us thinking that our value is calculated through our productivity. There is no other animal that, in order to survive, must work for someone else…and under the conditions set by the contemporary capitalist system which grinds us at the altar of profit.

A free life is a life off the grid (with autonomy from solar panels & by growing our food based on vegan permaculture & veganic – vegan and organic- gardening) and access to much needed rest.