Ethos & Empathy’s team invites you on Wednesday 7/2/2018 at 19.00 to a screening of the 2 new documentaries “A Plastic Ocean” & “Straws” which are now available with Greek subtitles thanks to the team of Plastic Free Greece.

There will be sweets by Guaca, a new prominent vegan delivery in town!

Place: Trivoli Vegan Kafenio – Marinou Antypa 107a, Ilioupoli

Some words about the documentaries:

A Plastic Ocean

This 20 minute abridged version of the synonymous feature-length film will astound audiences of all ages, as it did the scientists who filmed it.  Setting out initially to make a film about whales, the film crew soon realise the real story to tell is the incredible amounts of plastic pollution they find in oceans around the world with grave consequences to marine life and human health.  Our convenient, disposable lifestyle is killing us and most of us don’t even realise it.


Documentary’s official page


This film will hopefully make you never want to use a plastic straw again.

In STRAWS, Linda Booker shows us in 30 minutes how plastic disposable straws impact the world.  It is estimated that, in the US alone,  500 million straws are used each day and thrown out.  Plastic straws are one of the five most popular items found on beaches and the majority of them are not recycled contributing to the 8 million tons of plastic that enter the oceans annually.


Documentary’s official page

Both appropriate for audiences 10yrs+.

Already 150 schools throughout the country have organized screenings of the documentaries and the feedback from the kids is impressive as the majority of them are arranging beach cleanings after having watched it. Their paintings and trash art crafts are also showing that the message has passed through their hearts and minds so this is a positive message for the future…(You can read more about that here)

After the documentary we will talk, of course, about the ways we can live plastic-free.