Recently, I was given the opportunity to speak about Ethos & Empathy, my experience as a wild-animal care-taker and other stuff, by Tofu Steve who is hosting the podcasts “Beyond Species”.

If you would like to listen to our conversation here is the link.


Season 1, Episode 6.

In this episode, we hear from Elisabeth. Elisabeth’s activism has a focus on research and working with nonhuman animals from the wild. She has worked extensively with conservation groups and we hear from her about the complexities of conservation work, most of which doesn’t take an anti-speciesist approach. We learn that ethics can sometimes be a grey area, which leaves questions unanswered. Activists and the movement as a whole need to consider carefully how we care for nonhuman animals from the wild, and the implications of doing so.


I encourage you to listen to all the episodes though because each one is covering different areas within the antispeciesist activism.

Elisabeth Dimitras