Here’s a list of initiatives (which will be constantly updated), mostly acting in the borders, but not only:


1/3/22 – “Το Greek forum for refugees opens its premises and its heart to the Coordination Committee of the Ukrainian Communities in Greece in order to organise, cordinate and support the initiatives of the Ukrainian communities.

Our office, Stournari 57 at the 3rd floor in Omonoia, Athens, will be open every day from Monday to Friday and from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm for the organisation and the coordination of the upcoming activities.

The Greek Forum of Refugees as an association of refugee and migrant communities is in constant contact with the State authorities and the relevant stakeholders to contribute by any means.

Contact details

Τηλέφωνο: 2130282976
** They also have a food list that they collect in 3 collection points in Athens: Stournari 57, Omonia 10.00-19.00, Aristomenous 58, Attiki 15.00-20.00 & Feron 18 Victoria 10.00-17.00 and a list of meds but only in Greek on a IG post as well.
You may also bring to Esperia Travel office: Viktoros Ougko 48-50, Athina, Greece, +30 21 0524 2736: – drugs that stop bleeding – hemostatic sponges – Covo-stop – ethamsylate, dicinon, vitamin K, tranexamic acid – Injection into the abdomen Clexan, Flenox or fraxiparin (any dose) gloves, catheters, butterflies intravenously – Analgesics dexalgin, meloxicam, analgin, ketones in ampoules – plait bandage – catheter gloves – hemostatic bandage type blood saver – occlusal sticker on the chest. More detailed list of meds needed here.


Migration Aid 

Budapest Bike Mafia Facebook Event Page (14 days duration)

Hungarian civilians self organizing to bring help to the borders – Facebook Group 


Collecting goods in Poland in several areas and general info on how to help Ukrainians in Poland on the same page (with the use of google translate you can navigate on that website).

The zoo in Poznan currently hosts some big cats, an African wild dog and some primates who were before at a wildlife resuce center in Ukraine. They will soon also go to Odessa and rescue two more lions. Some of these animals will soon be transfered to Spain at Stichting AAP’s premises and for the rest, the same organization will find other appropriate sanctuaries.

VERY important information from Poland, regarding pet owners:

Facebook group “Help to Ukrainian dog owners / breeders” where people offer to people and their pets from Ukraine accomodation and transportation . It’s not limited to dogs and cats, some offer space for horses as well for example.

Facebook group “Ukraine refugees and animal transport offers wanted”.

Refuge booking – website through which Ukrainian refugees can find accomodation or transport for them and their pets with facebook group here.

More countries have announced that pets from Ukraine don’t have to be fully vaccinated or have their documents up to date. A thorough list here of all such countries here (excellent job by Kabul Small Animal Rescue). Furthermore, Bulgaria follows too as well as Finland accepts dogs without the rubbies vax need .


Romanian pet transport will bring 120 animals from Ukraine to Romania where many shelters already have said that they accept animals.

Romanian organization that helps people with their pets (not only cats and dogs but also “farmed animals”) to find accomodation and all they need. Facebook page here. They need volunteers to rotate shifts because they got exhausted…

UK-Romanian initiative that will go to the borders collect 60/70 animals. They organize the action in that fb group.

Non human animal sanctuaries / vets / voluntary groups who have stayed in Ukraine with the animals

The team Vegans UA started cooking vegan dishes at Lviv for whoever needs some food.

Shelter with 103 cars & 7 dogs: House of Paws shelter. Paypal here.

Dog shelter (but also with donkeys, cats and goats) in Ukraine called Shelter Friend Ukraine, check video post on fb here. They can’t evacuate, too many animals. Visit the post for info about donations.

UA animals big Ukrainian organization helping all sorts of non human animals – Instagram account. Post on their  Facebook with info about donations.

Οpen Cages UA – Vegan initiative in Ukraine, having postponed for now their actions, obviously. Instagram account here.

Shelter Ugolyok – huge farm sanctuary in Ukraine (32 cows, 14 horses, 42 cats, 22 dogs, 197 gotas and sheeps). Today, the Russian army arrived to her doorstep. They cannot leave… Instagram accounts here, here and here . Paypal: [email protected]. Fundraiser page here.

Couple of vets in Odessa accepting all animals for accomodation and care.

The biggest animal sanctuary in Ukraine, Shelter SIRIUS. Facebook page & website.

Happy Paw is a charitable foundation that helps more than 60 shelters throughout the territory of Ukraine. How to donate here.

 Penny Marathon from Australia arranges a crowdfunding for the initiative Love Furry Friends in Odessa. It’s a team of people who takes care of strays in the area. You can see their actions on that  youtube channel. More here. If you want to send direct help to their paypal here.

Unfortunately, some people left the country by leaving behind their pets:

Regarding the stray dogs in Chernobyl which now is occupied by Russians, things are not well since their caretakers had to leave the area.  Here is an announcement.

Some more initiatives that provide help οn site, by Darya (Ethical & Easy) who is from Ukraine, so she is better informed by me, here.

Since 2015, I run this  facebook group for non human victims in war torn countries  through which back then, we arranged to send some financial help to Syrian activists who were taking care of strays. Nowadays, I post updates and needs from Ukraine.

Disclaimer: In purpose I didn’t add accounts that collect money for army or weapons. I am sure we prefer to support humanitarian or animal care causes, instead of the war itself.

One more -very thorough and human centered- list from the historian Tim Snyder here.

If you know other trustworthy small initiatives operating in borders or in Ukraine, please email me so I add it: [email protected] or Dm me on Instagram.

(Shoutout to Alli Cairns who have gathered the info on the animal care organizations and for Susanna and Marianne who revived my group by sharing the info about which countries are allowing pets with no papers.)

Crowdfunding to support Ukrainian dancers & culture