Spay, spay, spay…. Microchip, microchip, mcrochip…

Actions fully compliant with what society requires.

Speciesist actions, as they make the human being be seen as the superior one.

Actions that society has accepted as the correct ones since the “problem” of the stray (cats and dogs) has been created. Words that you hear from the mouths of people in animal welfare organizations who until the end of the 90ies were euthanizing (non-human) animals when no one adopted them, words words that you hear from the mouths of hunters who have a hobby of killing, from the mouths of butchers who hoard shedding rivers of blood.

Is there any difference? No difference at all… the result is always the same…non-human animals are the scapegoats.

I can understand your way of thinking, I don’t join it (actually, I hate it because it has no morality at all) but everyone has the right to own their beliefs.

Vegan lifestyle… When we don’t eat or dress with anything that comes from an animal, etc. I strongly agree. I don’t  participate in the holocaust which kills thousands of non-human animals every day.

But all of the above are defensive actions… we have been led to believe that this is the only thing we can do to show our solidarity towards non-human animals. That our only obligation is defense.

Defense, defense, defense…

Years are passing, non-human animals never get the right to live the way they really deserve and everyone through the “revolutionary” social media “fight” with posts and photos of neutered animals, microchipped animals, vegan t-shirts, vegan mugs, (vegan) Christmas bazaars, bazaars that aim to support the charities for the next 10, 20, 30 genital mutilations (of dogs and cats), and for the meds that are needed (which, in order to be produced were tested on other non-human animals) because many of these animals are getting sick (how can they not get sick with the way they live and with what they eat)… All the while, by ending up fooling ourselves at the end of the day, pretending to love animals, because we are actually mocking our conscience, covering up our insecurities, but the next day that will dawn for the non human animals, there will still be torture… In reality nothing changes…

There’s only one thing you don’t hear anyone talking about. About POSSESSION. About the possession of non human animals by the “superior” being. How will their liberation take place when we possess them? When a dog has to be kept on a leash to go out for a walk, what liberation are we talking about? And after all, from whom do we want to liberate non human animals? From those who murder them so they can get rich? From those who kill them because they have it for a hobby? From those who kill them to wear them?

They must be released from me first. Because since I own one for he offers me companionship. This is also exploitation. A little kind of murder. I don’t compare myself to murderers. My feelings are pure and full of love. But let’s face it. I take advantage of them too. I use them to my advantage.

That’s what we need to begin the conversation with,  if we ever want them to be liberated.

From not owning them…

Thanassis Papadopoulos